Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Joining Up

Harford County Public Library is very pleased to announce our participation in the statewide Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 - 23 Things project. The HCPL program runs from June 4 - October 31, 2007. HCPL's registration for this session of Learning 2.0 closes on August 31, 2007 (in order to have a full 9 weeks to complete the Learning 2.0 Experience), after that you won't qualify for any prizes. Please register now!

Program Registration (begins now!)
To begin this program, please register here. Since we expect a lot of registrations, we are registering my birthday month. These divisions are arbitrary and strictly for our convenience as we sent out email announcements etc.

For birthdays between January - March, Register Here.
For birthdays between April - June, Register Here.
For birthdays between July - September, Register Here.
For birthdays between October - December Register Here.

You can cancel your registration anytime.

CEUs and Prizes
You can earn 1.8 CEUs by completing this program.

Also, we will be offering special prizes for all participants who complete the Learning 2.0 Experience as well as have a "grand prize" drawing on Staff Day. Although we had hoped to rollout with pictures of our prizes, we are waiting for final word from Senior Staff who are working with the HCPL Foundation who is supporting this staff learning adventure. We'll be updating everyone by email as soon as the prizes have been approved. (Hint: prizes will support learning 2.0 technology!)

Please contact your liaisons, Irmgarde Brown, Maurice Coleman, or Annette Gaskins if you have questions about this project. Don't forget that we are not the instructors, although we will encouraging you to visit each other's blogs for ideas and help with the technologies. We will be walking through the Learning 2.0 Experience with you.

Thing #4 Details
To complete Thing #4, you'll need to Register Your Blog. (Everyone will use the same link for this registration). Please use your WORK email address, as registration is monitored. Remember that your blog address can be anonymous on your blog, but your liaison needs to know the address so you can be added to our Participant Blog List. Your blog address consists of the or

He or she will also need your completed Tracking Log at the end of the project. You don't want to miss out on CEUs or prizes!

Our Participant Blog List
In addition to this list, don't forget to check out the blogs from other libraries statewide (Just click on the Participants link and then select a link from another system). You have the opportunity to work with lots of other library people across Maryland.

HCPL Liaisons
Your HCPL Liaisons, Irmgarde Brown, Maurice Coleman, and Annette Gaskins, will be updating this participant page, posting participant blogs, and keeping everyone up-to-date with what is happening around the state. Upon completing of the Learning 2.0 Experience, you'll be submitting your Tracking Log to Maurice Coleman who will ensure you receive your CEU's, etc. If you have any questions, don't hesistate to contact any one of us. We are here to help!

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