Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A comment about comments

If so moved, please comment on the blogs that you are reading and let the writer know what you liked and found helpful.

This feedback is valuable to those who are new to blogging and those who are blog veterans of a couple of months.

If you don't know where to comment, just look below each post look for a pencil or the word comments underlined.

Click on it and leave a comment.


Jennie said...

Check out my post on the Newbery! Also, the OCLC post.
I've been busy. And what is this about "even a blind nut can find a squirrel"? What squirrel are you referring to? Hum?

HCPL Techincal Trainer said...

I did check it out, and anyone reading should also. It is on the blog LibrarySquirrel on the right hand side blog roll.

CarrotTop said...

The squirrel he's talking about is the same one that can walk on thin water