Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congrats to the new Completers! UPADTE!

Congratulations to the new completers of Learning 2.0. Their journey through 23 things is done but their blogging journey has just begun.

Their blog names are:
Their blogs have been put to the top of our list of 153 blogs!

They join these blogs in completing Learning 2.0:
You may notice a change in some of the blog names. If you would like your first name and last name initial on your blog title, just put a comment to this post and it will be done!

- the (almost) Bald Technology Trainer


Sara smile said...

Yes, please add my name and inital to my blog name. Sara L. to SaraSmile.
Thank you.

CarrotTop said...

Yes you can add my name to Traveling Teacups ---Christy D.

beginningquilts said...

Add my nme and initial Heidi R to Quiltless Thanks

beachy librarian said...

Yes, please add my name (I wonder if you put the whole thing, if anyone would still know WHICH Cathy Johnson).

Kathy said...

I have created a blog and posted several entries, but I am not on the blog wall. You can put my first name on the blog. Thanks for your help in solving this problem.

HCPL Techincal Trainer said...

kathy, did you register your blog on the 23 things page with the project? If you have any questions, just ask folks around your branch about registering your blog.